2019 is Going to be Huge!

Blockchain Hub Prague has HUGE plans for 2019.

Tom Counsell

3 minute read

Everyone took an extended holiday in December, but now we are quickly launching into the New Year! So it feels great to start with a fresh new website to showcase all our projects and announcements. Here are some new topics that will be taking front stage in 2019


Startup Investability Series

Tom Counsell

2 minute read

The “Red Queen Affect” is a reference to the evil queen from Alice in Wonderland, but it’s a powerful and archetypal story element because it references a natural real world phenomenon: As you are racing to compete with your competitors, they aren’t just standing still. Your competitors are also racing, so you have to forever outpace their innovation if you want to have any chance of catching up, staying ahead, and otherwise being successful against them.